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Jun 20
RT @GSMA#China & #India comprise over half of the total 5 bn #mobile subscribers. Find out more https://t.co/QSROeKUnQZ@GSMAi https://t.
Jun 19
RT @DevTelecoms: Digicel Deploying Squire Technologies Next Gen STP across CALA & Asia https://t.co/Fd5kSwFK7V https://t.co/z8WBXzQLlk
Jun 15
Digicel Group Deploy Squire Technologies Next Gen STP https://t.co/FynAdXX5Zt https://t.co/UiS10vtXyR
Jun 13
RT @opensignal: Our latest State of LTE report is out, don't miss it! https://t.co/i135rrpvQq https://t.co/4F1glWzXjq
Jun 12
Meet us at #5GWorld in London this week. Arrange a meeting using our online booking form: https://t.co/DoLigtMwwdhttps://t.co/Od54xdIhkW
Jun 08
RT @ICTbusinessinfo: Solving The 4G LTE Roaming Puzzle #ictbusiness https://t.co/UzIsCdSYx0
Jun 08
RT @hottelecom: Find out about how Simplifying VoLTE roaming can become a reality in our 360 vision sponsored by Metaswitch Networks https:…
Jun 01
[Whitepaper] How to seamlessly provide #roaming solutions across 2G, 3G and #4G #LTE networks https://t.co/Bib5tQj5WQ
May 31
Perhaps the slow rollout of #VoLTE is simply due to the continuing decline in voice revenue... https://t.co/PdXJWdrjJr via @SysMech
May 30
Interesting stats showing the increasing dominance of LTE in the mobile space: https://t.co/0wMxWdlh2c via @Light_Reading
May 23
[Infographic] Global 4G-LTE forecasts: 2012–2020: https://t.co/iAxkFaDfl7 via @GSMAi#4G #LTE https://t.co/OPY1yaKYLV
  • Solving The 4G Roaming Puzzle

    4Gpuzzle paper thumbRead our latest White Paper...

    As the number of 4G LTE networks increases we look at the challenges faced by operators looking at providing roaming services.

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  • Read our latest VoLTE Deployment Whitepaper

    volte whitepaper thumbnailDeploying a VoLTE Network

    In this whitepaper you will find out more about...
    • The complexities of deploying a VoLTE network
    • What we learnt from our experience of VoLTE deployments
    • What it takes to successfully deploy a VoLTE network

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  • Read our latest Telecoms Industry Whitepapers

    sms whitepaper h thumbnailRevenue & Growth Still In SMS

    In this whitepaper you will find out more about...
    • Which markets are going to grow and by how much
    • What are the trends and key differentiators
    • What key features do SMS players require in their network technology

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  • Read our latest Telecoms Industry Whitepapers

    ciscomigration-thumbnailCisco End-of-Life Migration Planning

    In this white paper you will find out more about...

    • Planning for Cisco PGW & ITP products
    • Learn about our SVI_MG & SVI_STP direct replacement products
    • How Squire Technologies provide a seamless migration solution

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  • The Alternative Way to Deploy a 4G Network

    IMS WhitepaperRead our latest White Paper...

    What you’ll learn:

    • The importance of flexibility at the IMS Core
    • How to maintain the connection of a 4G network to 3G, 2G and older networks
    • How to drive your network forward and enable simpler service delivery

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