Solving the Challenges of Mobile Number Portability and Roaming

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Mobile Number Portability is an essential function that Mobile Network Operators are required to support. Although many aspects of Mobile Number Portability are standardised, differences in implementation mean that MNOs are frequently challenged to ensure compatibility between entities in their networks and between others.

Our briefing paper outlines a number of challenges in the implementation of Mobile Number Portability and presents solutions that help ensure smooth and consistent service operation.

What’s inside:

  • How to solve Mobile Number Portability and Roaming challenges
  • The importance of the Signalling Relay Function
  • Squire Technologies solutions that help you protect investments and enhance ROI

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Managing flexible interconnection and routing for wholesale carriers

How can wholesale carriers resolve interconnection, peering and routing challenges for SS7, VoIP and IPX networks?

Wholesale carriers have a vital role to play in the telecoms value chain. They are a key link that enables operators and service providers to profitably deliver traffic to any destination. Most operators depend on leveraging wholesale carriers to deliver traffic to destinations they serve.

Carriers have to manage a complex array of interconnections. They also live in a dynamic environment in which costs change, weekly, daily or even hourly. To successfully deliver traffic and to ensure they derive profit from their activities, carriers need agile partners that can help them run their networks while ensuring a return on their investment.

This creates challenges. Even carriers with established infrastructure may need to extend their range of interconnection options – and have to manage traffic delivery across legacy, NGN IP and IMS networks simultaneously.

There may also be difficulties in managing a diverse array of elements. Consolidating network resources is another common challenge.

Squire Technologies solves these problem with a range of flexible and scalable VoIP and SS7 switching solutions, including its flexbile and scalable Media Gateway Controller (MGC).

Find out how one wholesale carrier secured the flexibility, adaptability and control it needed to both optimise its existing network and to obtain more efficient interconnection with partners in the future.

What you’ll learn from the case study:

  • The challenges for carriers in SS7 and IPX networks
  • The importance of leveraging flexibility in traffic peering and routing
  • How Squire Technologies can help
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