Roaming In The South Pacific

Vodafone French Polynesia deploy Squire Technologies’ STP to solve roaming interconnect challenges.

Vodafone French Polynesia was launched in the beautiful South Pacific islands on the 17th June 2013. As part of the deployment, the Polynesian network was understandably looking to deliver international roaming, but hit an interconnect problem with one of their onward carriers. As with all network rollout problems there were a number of potential solutions. Naturally, Vodafone FP were looking to fix this problem as quickly as possible, but they also wanted a product solution with the functionality to be extended in the future, as and when their service evolved.

“It was refreshing to work with a team that were able to rapidly assimilate our requirements and advise on a deployment program that solved our immediate and longer term requirements.”
Paul Desvignes
Mobile Core Network Engineer, Vodafone French Polynesia

As speed was of the essence Squire Technologies were able to deliver a virtualised solution while Vodafone FP supplied the tin. Working remotely, Squire Technologies commissioning teams installed and configured the gateway product alongside Vodafone FP network engineers. In early 2014, as planned at the outset, Vodafone FP decided to purchase an upgrade license that transformed their gateway product into a fully-fledged Signal Transfer Point (STP). This provided Vodafone FP a future-proof solution that they still use today to deliver their international roaming service.

Of course time does not stand still and network technologies continue to evolve at a furious pace with the rollout of next generation LTE, VoLTE and VoIP in particular. Squire Technologies products have evolved alongside these changes whilst keeping the same commitment to problem solving and delivery.

“We are proud to be working alongside this innovative carrier discussing and proposing next generation Diameter, 4G Roaming and VoIP solutions. We wish Vodafone French Polynesia every success for the future.”
Sanjeev Verma
CEO, Squire Technologies Ltd

SMS marks 25th Anniversary

Today SMS will celebrate its 25th anniversary. On this date in 1992, Neil Pappworth a developer at the time at Sema Group working on Short Message Service Centre (SMSC) technology for Vodafone UK.

Initially the idea was for Vodafone UK to utilise the technology as a paging service and since mobile phones at the time lacked keypads and touchscreens Neil typed the first message on his PC with it reading “Merry Christmas”, and sent it to a Vodafone collegue who was enjoying his office Christmas party.

SMS was first adopted by telecoms operators to send information to their customers and ‘txt’ing didn’t really take off until several years later, once handsets were able to send and receive messages and users could send SMS to people on different networks. However, by the turn of the century SMS was widely used globally and well on the way to revolutionising the way we communicate with eachother.

As mobile phone technology rapidly developed and the rise of the smartphone swept through the industry on the back of affordable mobile data many consumers turned to IP messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger seeing a downturn in person-to-person (P2P) messaging.

Despite stiff competition from OTT applications in recent years SMS remains ubiquitous, and the humble ‘txt message’ is making somewhat of a resurgence through A2P (application-to-person) SMS where businesses and organisations rely upon it as the default mechanism to reach their customers.

SMS continues to save money through healthcare providers successfully reaching patients with appointment reminders and thus reducing cancellations, enabling banks and online service providers to improve security and reduce fraud via SMS authentication and charities such as the Samaritans reach vulnerable people who feel secure txt’ing over talking over the phone.

A2P SMS also has a bright future as many talk it up as an integral ‘failsafe’ mechanism within emerging industries including the exciting ongoing revolution in autonomous vehicles.


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