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Wholesale Billing SolutionBilling

“ The SVI-Billing module provides an integrated carrier grade solution across all Squire Technologies SVI products for operators of Wholesale and Retail business”

SVI_Billing System Features

SVI-Billing module provides a comprehensive solution for pre-paid and post-paid subscribers in the following business models:-


  • Wholesale
  • PSTN Termination
  • Switch Partitioning
  • Custom Services
  • Retail
    • Call Centers
    • Payment Gateways
    • DID Management
    • Web Portal                                                                               



 Fully compliant with the complete SVI product range

 Supporting third party equipment via RADIUS

  • Customer Management
  • Rates Management
    • Rate Analysis
    • Rate Generation
    • Rate Notification
  • Resellers Management
  • Statistics and Reports
  • Performance and Scalability
  • Routing Features
  • Routing Policies     

 Retail Services:-

  • Retail Packages
  • DID Managemet
  • Payment Gateways
  • Retail Web Service Portal
  • Wholesale







Customer Management

Customer Management Colour Web

Manage an unlimited number of Prepaid and Postpaid customers and vendors

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Rates Management

Rates Management Colour Web

Rigorously control & manage how your customers are charged

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Routing Management

Routing colour

Enables you to route groups of customers

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Resellers Management


Manage Prepaid and Postpaid resellers

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Statistics & Reports

Stats Colour

Efficiently analyse and identify important trends

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Manage the rating and billing of unlimited subscribers

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Customer Management

Customer Management Colour Web

  • Prepaid and Postpaid customers
  • Unlimited number of customers and vendors
  • Authentication by IP, login + password, ANI / DNIS
  • Support of technical and billing prefixes
  • Automatic invoicing and invoice templates
  • Manageable payment terms
  • Balance report, payments & debts tracking
  • Multi-currency support, international companies
  • Taxes management, multi-level taxes

Rates Management

Rates Management Colour

Rigorously control & manage how your customers are charged :-

Rate Management

  • Extended billing schemes (set-up fee, min time payment interval, grace time)
  • Rates scheduling (effective / end dates)
  • Time profiles support (per hour / day of week)
  • Rates bulk processing

Rate Analysis

  • Compare rate lists from multiple suppliers; import CSV / XLS
  • Analyse customers and vendors rates on chosen destinations

 Rate Generation

  • From Rate Analysis choose relevant destinations, quality and cost
  • Add relative or absolute margin
  • Generate and export rate lists - A-Z , LCR to send to customers
  • LCR list generation based on real traffic

Rate Notification

  • Any rate changes – increase / decrease / closed etc
  • Automatic email notifications to customers
  • Highly configurable


Routing Management

Routing colour


The Routing is managed through the creation of Routing Plans that describe how particular destinations should be routed. This enables you to route groups of customers or isolate routing within specific environment (for example, separate your premium carriers for your premium customers only).

In addition the following routing features are supported :-

  • Multiple routing policies (LCR, Quality etc.)
  • Profitability control, block unprofitable calls
  • Capacity control and active calls tracking
  • Customizable routing groups
  • Dynamic number translation
  • Quality control and routes monitoring
  • Detailed routing analysis and simulation
  • Manageable routing plans and templates

 Routing Policies :-

  • Simple LCR
    • Price-based routing policy, routes are ordered by ascending rate.
  • Simple Quality
    • Priority goes to a route with the highest quality, routes are ordered by descending quality.
  • Complex LCR
    • As in Simple LCR, this is a price-based routing, but it also additionally reorders top 3 cheapest routes by Quality parameter, and gives priority to the best route found.
  • Complex Quality
    • Same as above, but for quality-based routing that additionally reorders top 3 routes by rate parameter, and gives priority to cheapest route found

Resellers Management



Confidently manage reseller relationships:

  • Reseller and agent trees of unlimited depth
  • Prepaid and Postpaid resellers and agents
  • Isolated environments for each reseller (customers, rate tables, invoices, payments)
  • Multi-Level-Billing, charge resellers for calls
  • Virtual Partitions management, set limits for resellers’ capacity usage
  • Isolated VoIP Gateways per reseller

Statistics & Reports

Stats Colour

Efficiently analyse and identify important trends:

  • Flexible data filtering per customer / vendor account, destination, code, time, reseller, etc.
  • Summary Report: easy real-time statistics
  • Profitability Report: multi-level analysis
  • CDR Detailed Report: per call information
  • Orig-Term Report: routes and profits tracking
  • Data export to CSV / XLS for post processing
  • Periodic reports and reports to e-mail function
  • Graphic Charts in reports

Performance & Scalability



Manage the rating and billing of unlimited subscribers:

  • Rate and bill up to 800 million minutes monthly
  • No limits to number of clients or subscriptions
  • Expandable cluster structure allows easy and fast performance and capacity boost

Retail Services

Retail colour WEB


Want to run Retail?

We give you the Option and Control:-

If you want to use subscription plans, charge your customers periodically for some services, give them minute buckets – use packages:

Retail Packages equip you with:
  • Periodic and one-time packages
  • Flexible subscription periods
  • Activation and subscription fees
  • Packages in multiple currencies
  • Minute buckets per destinations
  • Multiple packages per customer
  • Isolated reseller – owned packages
  • Discounts for long term usage
  • Assign DID numbers to packages
  • Time-limited promotional packages




 DID Management:

Seamlessly grow your DID subscribers with the DID Management tool :-

  • Import DID numbers by vendors
  • Issue DID numbers
  • Assign to monthly package
  • Manage DID groups
  • Sell DID’s within subscription plans
  • Choose DID numbers from the list

Payment Gateways:

Thanks to an array of integrated payment solutions, any customer can perform payments quickly and conveniently, while using a payment service he is most comfortable with. 

Payment Gateways provide:-

  • Integration with PayPal, Authorize.Net, MoneyBookers, Ukash, Money.ua and moreSupport of self issued Top-Up Cards
  • Easy payments from Customer’s Portal
  • Verification of payments by Manager
  • Option to set allowed top-up amounts
  • Isolated reseller settings for gateways

Retail Web Service Portal:

SVI_Billing provides a customizable web portal for end-customers.

Retail Web Service Portal provides :-

  • Sign up for service instantly
  • Choose subscription plan
  • Recharge balance easily
  • Purchase and link DIDs
  • View call history and reports