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dsc headerDiameter Signalling Controller

The SVI-DSC provides a carrier grade Diameter signalling product delivering any combination of routing (DRA), inter-working (IWF) and network edge (DEA) functionality.

Diameter Signalling Controller 


Building on Squire Technologies decades of signalling expertise the SVI-DSC comes with powerful routing, message manipulation, debug , monitoring and maintenance features out of the box. Couple this with Squire Technologies commissioning and 24x7x365 support services insures ease of integration and rollout of services for Service Providers worldwide.

svi dsc icon

  • Comprehensive Diameter Traffic Management
  • Service Migration from 2G/3G services to 4G network
  • Diameter Manipulation Engine for vendor interoperability
  • Retain interoperability with legacy networks
  • Roaming - topology masking and security with VoLTE support
  • Wi-Fi offload for mobile subscribers
  • Scalability - Advanced load balancing and congestion control


  • Comprehensive DRA,DEA and IWF support to match network requirements
  • NFV ready
  • Carrier grade n + 1 Redundancy
  • Congestion and Overload Control
  • Load Balancing
  • Software licence driven scalability
  • Scales to 100K TPS
  • SS7 / SIGTRAN support
  • Fully featured Service Creation Toolkit


SVI-DSC Deployment Scenarios

Diameter Routing Agent - DRA

The Diameter Routing Agent is the central routing point in any Diameter network providing flexible routing and message manipulation to insure inter-op between multiple devices and device vendors. At the same time it prevents overload and congestion of diameter traffic through sophisticated load balancing and routing algorithms whilst delivering graceful scaling to match network demand.

DRA functionality

Interworking Function – IWF

The Inter-working Function (IWF) provides a vital bridge between legacy networks and Diameter based 4G LTE networks. Supporting 3G SS7 MAP and CAMEL inter-op with 4G Diameter insures service providers can rapidly provide roaming for their subscribers without having to upgrade legacy equipment. Offload to incumbent WiFI networks can also be supported through Diameter to Radius inter-op.

IWF functionality


Diameter Edge Agent – DEA

At the edge of the Diameter network sits the Diameter Edge Agent. Its primary function is to provide network security with secure exchange of authentication, authorisation and subscriber policy. Out of the box it provides topology hiding, DOS and DDOS protection whilst also delivering load balancing and congestion control functionality.

DEA functionality