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SQL Software Development KitSQL Software Development Kit

The SQL Software Development Kit provides clients with a powerful development environment in which to rapidly build and deliver new services on all Squire Tech SVI products.

Software Development Kit Features

Based on industry standard SQL database technology clients can rapidly manage and build complex service routing logic. The SQL service logic is triggered from any SVI product over a comprehensive SQL-API.

SVI SDKAvailable across the entire SVI range the SVI-SDK allows clients to not only create database and service logic from scratch but also to integrate with existing routing, subscriber and billing databases.

This service is most suited to those with a sound knowledge of MySQL and a firm understanding of telecommunication services as the SDK will enable you to combine such knowledge to create services perfectly suited to the needs of your organisation.

Benefits of the SVI-SDK

Speed of Deployment

  • The SDK enables you to import your existing billing, routing and subscribers lists into your service, meaning the speed of deployment of your service can be dramatically improved versus traditional methods.

Freedom of Choice

  • The primary aim as we developed the SDK was to provide freedom of choice in terms of routing decisions. Using the SDK allows you to set your own parameters, thereby providing you with the choice of how you operate your service(s).

Expanded Knowledge

  • Our in-house team of SQL experts have developed our services for over a decade. They’re on hand to provide assistance as you create your service logic.

Ease of Transition

  • The ease of transition to your new service is assisted by the fact that you can integrate with your existing OSS/BSS databases, 3rd party databases or you can create custom databases from scratch.

How the Software Development Kit Works

How it works

  • Service Logic is defined by you the client
  • Service logic developed as SQL stored procedure and loaded real-time into the database management system
  • SVI product triggers stored procedure over SQL-API with customised Input & Output parameters

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