The CAMEL’s hump. Or why part of a CAMEL is sometimes all you need…

Many operators take advantage of advanced SS7 signalling protocols such as CAMEL to deliver rich, enhanced services. CAMEL is an essential requirement in both legacy and NGN IMS networks to enable a range of charging, mobility and other services. There are a number of versions of CAMEL signalling, but they all have in common the fact that they specify operations, the combination of which results in the activation and delivery of a particular service.

However, CAMEL – and IN signalling solutions generally – have typically been costly, there has been a limited range of suppliers, and barriers to market entry for other vendors have been high. What’s more, the complexity of CAMEL solutions has been such that more functionality is delivered than is really required: in other words, operators have been forced to buy more than they really need in order to solve their challenges.

In reality, while there are many forms of CAMEL services, many of these are fundamentally simple, requiring only a limited number of operators – in many cases, as few as two. This means that operators are compelled to over-invest in solutions.

Fortunately, that’s no longer the case. Squire Technologies has developed the capability to implement selected operations from CAMEL, IN and MAP protocols in its products for delivery over IP, IMS and legacy networks. In turn, this means that operators can simply leverage those features they need, rather than be forced to buy additional and costly solutions.

This provides a clear path for operators to enhance their networks and support advanced integration with CAMEL servers both in their own and in others networks. At Squire Technologies, we can add these capabilities to our solutions as and when required, providing a future-proof means to offer a richer range of services.

That’s why you don’t necessarily need a whole CAMEL to deliver the kind of functionality that you need. Sometimes, just the hump will do. Why not get in touch with us to find out more?

“It works just like a Swiss watch” – Leading Albanian VoIP operator Neofone delivers seamless performance and LNP services to customers with Squire Technologies’ Media Gateway Controller

Squire Technologies, signalling specialists to the telecoms industry, today shared the experience of its long time customer Neofone, a leading provider of voice and Internet services in Albania with its secure, robust SVI Media Gateway Controller (MGC) solution. Neofone deployed the SVI MGC to obtain a future-proof solution to its networking requirements. The SVI MGC provided a complete replacement for an existing Packet Gateway solution.

Neofone, which offers a range of transit, calling card and other VoIP services, enjoys an outstanding reputation for quality. “Originally deployed in 2010, the solution from Squire Technologies works like a Swiss Watch,” said Emil Andoni, CEO of Neofone. “Reliability is critical to us and our business is built on the service quality we offer. Thanks to Squire Technologies, we have been able to grow our brand and reputation, offering high quality services to all of our customers over a sustained period.”

“At Squire Technologies, we take great pride in how our systems perform in the long-term. We know we deliver superior reliability – and the latest news from Neofone provides a ringing endorsement,” commented Richard Warren, Sales Manager at Squire Technologies.

Because Neofone had an existing deployed base of media gateways, it was important to reuse as much of this infrastructure as possible. The SVI MGC is fully interoperable with both these and other network elements, with the result that Neofone could preserve its investments while adding superior performance, significantly reducing network CAPEX requirements.

In addition, the SVI MGC also offered much-needed enhanced functionality, including connectivity to a Local Number Portability (LNP) platform provided by a local operator, enabling Neofone to offer LNP services to its customers.

“We like to leverage the best of International standards and solutions,” added Emil Andoni. “With Squire Technologies, we have a partner that has given us Internationally renowned technical excellence, but also the stability and performance we need for our business – and the capabilities to help us offer new features and cater for our evolving requirements.”

Seen as the perfect replacement for the Cisco PGW, the SVI MGC Media Gateway Controller enables clients to interface their VoIP networks to SS7 PSTN based telephone networks allowing the rapid launch of VoIP services while extending the life of legacy Media Gateway solutions from a range of 3rd Party providers.

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