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Unlock the Full Value of Messaging

Mirus is a flexible and robust messaging platform with carrier-grade functionality that combines complete message processing with full campaign management.

For operators to support multi-generation P2P services and capture increasing A2P SMS revenue growth before OTT players do, they need a messaging platform that fits their strategy. Mirus grows with your business, scaling to meet your needs and those of subscribers.

The flexibility of Mirus allows customers to rapidly evolve to meet the demands of A2P and MVNO applications, providing full campaign management with rapid, real-time provisioning of new value-added services (VAS).

Mirus Unlocks the Full Value of Messaging

SMS Centre

Reliable, scalable SMS delivery with complex routing, filtering, subscriber management and billing support, using Open Flow Service Logic technology and Open Interfaces to supply new value-added services.

Bulk SMS, Campaign and Reseller Management

A single, versatile, web-based OA&M interface for complex messaging activities, including measuring and reporting, financial control, reseller and rate management, activity tracking, route management, and security.

SMS Gateway

A robust, scalable SMSG that can be standalone or fully integrated with the SVI-SMSC, providing carrier-grade SMPP to SS7/SIGTRAN interconnects.

Complete Message Processing with Full Campaign Management

A scalable and versatile messaging platform to generate new revenue streams or enhance existing ones.

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Advanced Routing

Future-ready interface with multi-network home, least-cost, and priority routing, throttling, and wide protocol conversion for multifaceted route management that includes SS7 / Sigtran / Diameter / SMPP / SMTP / SIP / HTTP / HTTPS / HTML.

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Campaign Management

Command efficient control of campaigns, bulk SMS, and resellers from one place using a fully web-based OA&M for campaign measurement and reporting, scaling from 10 SMS/s to 50,000, contact management, and multilevel reseller management.

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Billing & Mediation

Take expert control of your finances with billing cycle management, rate management, profit summary management, auto invoicing, future rate facilitation, and client online payment portal features.

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Fraud Protection

Protect against fraud with IP login deny/allow listing, and URL in SMS blocking, while securing your network with an integrated firewall, user activity tracking, network topology hiding, two-factor authentication, and SSL support.

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Discover more about Mirus in our presentation, or arrange a meeting with one of our experts.

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Signal Transfer Point

The SVI-STP is a feature-rich and future-proof, carrier-grade telecommunications Signal Transfer Point providing core network connectivity and routing between multiple networks supporting legacy SS7 TDM, NGN IP SIGTRAN and IMS / LTE / 4G support.

Sigla - Unified Signalling

Sigla is a smart centralised signalling platform that unifies all mediation, routing and interworking, security, and measurement between multi-generation networks, reducing network complexity and operating costs.

Diameter Signalling Controller

The Diameter Signalling Controller provides a carrier-grade signalling product delivering any combination of routing, interworking and network edge functionality while ensuring backward compatibility.