The SVI-DRA is at the core of a Diameter network providing comprehensive, carrier grade traffic management enabling service providers IMS and LTE core networks to run smoothly.

Centralised Routing

Sitting at the center of a Diameter signalling network is the Diameter Routing Agent or SVI-DRA reducing complexity.

High volume traffic is managed through dynamic load balancing and configurable throttling whilst multi-vendor support is provided by onboard mediation.

Powerful routing, filtering and message manipulation is available as standard with complex policy building provided through the onboard policy engine.

NFV compliant the SVI-DRA provides a secure, scalable, high availability platform providing total control of an operators Diameter network.


  • Mediation Platform
    The DRA acts as a mediation platform allowing complex routing and normalisation of messages across the Diameter network.

  • Load Balancing
    The DRA provides load balancing and throttling to insure the optimum management of the Diameter network.

  • Sophisticated Throttling
    Multiple Transaction Criteria Records (TCR’s) can be created to define transaction allowance and actions to take; queue, ignore and reject transactions.

  • Session Binding
    Bind a session to one or cluster of devices. Start bind - Configure message or AVP to initiate bind. End bind on receipt of correct response or timeout.

  • Diameter Dictionaries
    Define Diameter Messages, AVP formats, contents and ENUM resolution. 3GPP and vendor specific dictionaries can be used.

  • Message Filtering
    Applied to avoid known issues by comparing message headers and AVP contents against configured black lists and white lists.

  • Redirects
    DRA can act as a redirect server, redirecting messages to other services, and to provide advanced load balancing and throttling.

  • Centralised Routing
    DRA provides centralised routing based on message headers and AVP’s, reattemps, load balancing profiles and external lookups.

  • Message Manipulation
    Regular-expression based manipulation of message header and AVP contents allows for removal, creation and replacement.


  • Management and Monitoring
    Comprehensive web based SVI-MS Management system delivering on-board configuration, monitoring and debugging facilities. Full SNMP v1, 2 and 3 supports.

  • High Availability
    Carrier grade reliability supplied through comprehensive range of high availabilty options.

  • Cloud & COTS Delivery
    NFV compliant allowing delivery on a range of cloud native platforms. Can be delivered on a range of COTS server platforms either remotley or shipped from base.

  • Performance
    Highly scalable. Real-time time expansion available thorugh software license upgrades.

  • COTS Commercial Off The Shelf
    Supplied on standard Dell servers optionally with dedicated E1/T1/STM-1 support.

  • Virtual Deployment
    Virtual Machine deployed on industry standard servers in a data centre environment using a hypervisor, i.e. VMware.

  • Cloud Deployment
    Delivered as a Virtual Network Function (VNF) in AWS or OpenStack cloud infrastructure.

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