Diameter Signalling Training Videos

Watch our series of Diameter Signalling Training Videos to find out more about our Diameter products, how the Diameter protocol works and its benefits

What is Diameter?

Introduction: What is Diameter Signalling, why was it developed and what did it replace?

Protocol Specifications

Overview of the base Diameter protocol, specifications, application
ID, nodes and terminology

Diameter Routing

Routing between realms and nodes and how it looks in a IMS network including peer connections, routing tables and realm routing.

Message Structure

32 bit message structure, definitions including header, AVP format, types and grouped AVPs. AVP dictionary, important AVPS and result codes.

Message Sequences

Transactions, sessions, details and error AVPs. RFC 6733 message set, election process and device watchdog and disconnect-peer.

Diameter Case Study

Integrating an OCS platform to facilitate 4G to 3G roaming.

Further Information

Solving the 4G LTE Mobile Roaming Puzzle

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Diameter Signalling Controller Presentation

Download our SVI-DSC Diameter Signalling Controller Presentation

How Does a Diameter Signalling Controller Work

Watch our Signalling Controller Video and find out more

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