MavenShield is the Fraud Prevention Gateway from Squire Technologies that provides a real time solution for combatting fraud in telecom networks.

Real-time Fraud Prevention

Telecoms network fraud is increasing at an alarming rate and is a primary source of revenue leakage for telecoms operators, adversely affecting their bottomline and having lasting effects upon brand reputation and customer retention.

MavenShield Fraud Prevention Gateway provides telecoms operators with a means to rapidly identify network fraud in real-time and to instigate pro-active measures to counter it.

  • Supports 3G, 4G, 5G, fixed and mobile networks 

  • Non-intrusive real-time fraud prevention

  • Deployed in a non-critical path of the network

  • Integrates with network monitoring and BSS solutions 

  • Enables rapid response to new threats

  • Compliant with GSMA FS.24 CAMEL Roaming Fraud Management Handbook

Key Benefits

Network Integration

MavenShield Lookups

MavenShield can be easily and rapidly provisioned to:

  • Perform any type or number of lookups
  • To internal network elements such as HLR, HSS, EIR, MNP databases
  • Or to external OSS/BSS components
  • To establish the state and location of calls


Integration With Big Data / BSS / BI

  • MavenShield is designed to compliment existing Big Data and AI
  • It seamlessly integrates with Big Data platforms, BSS and Business Intelligence
  • With support for industry standard API’s - SOAP, XML, SQL, JSON etc
  • Connects via blacklists, whitelists, greylists
  • Flag fraudulent patterns and reoccurrences

Remedial Actions

MavenShield allows for the configuration of proactive actions to counter fraudulent behaviour.

  • Identifying fraudulent calls and behaviour
  • Initiating pro-active measures to counter fraud
  • Session tear-down, forwarding, redirects, transfers and blocking etc

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