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Signal Transfer PointSignal Transfer Point

The SVI_STP is a feature rich and future proof carrier grade telecommunications Signal Transfer Point that provides core network connectivity and routing between multiple networks supporting legacy SS7 TDM, NGN IP SIGTRAN and IMS / LTE / 4G support.

STP Signal Transfer Point 


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  • Cost Savings – lower network running costs
  • Future proof solution providing seamless evolution to Next Generation, IMS, LTE and 4G networks
  • Rapid service enablement via Service Creation Toolkit
  • Flexible pricing to meet budget expectations, deployment scale and future growth
  • Dedicated Technical Architecture and Installation team
  • 24x7x365 Global Support


  • Full inter-op between legacy/NGN and 4G
  • Seamless support for standards inter-op inc. ETSI to ANSI
  • Service Creation Toolkit - for network optimisation, end-of-life workarounds and the deployment of new services including MNP, Firewall functionality, IN services, lookups and message modifications.
  • Billing and revenue assurance based on detailed MSU/CDR
  • Private SS7 Networks - support for Virtual Point Codes


Customer's Using Our STP Products:

    • bts
    • cellact
    • cellone
    • claro
    • digicel
    • globalstar
    • globetouch
    • hutchison
    • indigital
    • limitless
    • missouri telecom
    • ringcentral
    • sisteer
    • telecall
    • telfree
    • vnpt
    • vodafone
    • wavecrest