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smsg headerSS7 SMS Gateway

With the continued growth in A2P SMS the SVI_SMSG offers a robust SS7 to SMPP gateway. Delivering a cost effective solution scaling to 50,000 sms/s this feature packed gateway insures a future proof, carrier grade solution.

SS7 SMS Gateway

Carrier Grade SMS Gateway

As with all Squire Technologies gateway products the SVI_SMSG can be supplied as a software-only solution delivering NFV compliance or as a rack mountable server supporting physical E1/T1/STM-1 interconnect. product.


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Feature Rich

Deployed worldwide and compliant with all major industry standards delivering a comprehensive carrier grade SS7 / SIGTRAN to SMPP

Rapid Development

Future Proof

Flexible service logic and open interfaces enables rapid delivery of new ‘service differentiating’ value added services


Advancements & Additions


Modular design provides support for high load A2P applications allowing clients to scale
to 50,000 SMS/s

Rapid Development

Cost Effective

Low cost entry price with flexible license model to match budget expectations, scale of deployment and future growth


Open Flow Service Logic

An entry level SVI_SMSG can be licensed to deliver a low cost, carrier grade SMPP to SS7 / SIGTRAN gateway allowing clients to immediately tap into the cost savings of a GSM / Mobile / SS7 network. If a client then wishes to provision further value added services without resorting to the full functionality of an SMSC they can take advantage of Squire Technologies Open Flow Service Logic . This technology allows clients or Squire Tech to simply provision, in real time, the detailed logic needed to deliver the value added service. Off-the-shelf solutions from Squire include Store and Forward, LCR , Black List White List etc. If clients find that they infact require the functionality delivered by a full SMSC then they can simply upgrade to the SVI_SMSC whose functionality has already been provisioned using Open Flow Service Logic.


 openflow chart3

Open Interfaces

The SVI-SMSG’s Open Interfaces provides support for a range of industry standard interfaces:


This allows ease of integration into clients OSS/BSS infrastructure with communication to the SVI-SMSC provided over our clients preferred interface(s).

 open interfaces