With the continuing growth of A2P and MVNO SMS traffic the SVI-SMSC offers not only an out-of-the-box, feature rich, carrier grade SMSC but with innovative service logic technology it allows clients to rapidly provision new revenue generating value added services.

Reliable and Scalable SMS Delivery

Today’s SMSC needs to be able to rapidly evolve to meet the demands of A2P and MVNO applications. The SVI-SMSC product provides this through its innovative Open Flow Service Logic technology and Open Interfaces that allow for the rapid, real-time provisioning of new value-added services.

The SVI-SMSC product insures reliable and scalable SMS delivery with complex routing, filtering, subscriber management and billing support as standard. Software only delivery insures full NFV compliance with physical E1/T1/STM-1 TDM interconnect provided using the Short Message Service Gateway SVI-SMSG product.

  • Feature Rich
    Deployed worldwide and compliant with all major industry standards delivering a comprehensive carrier grade SMSC

  • Scalable
    Modular design provides support for high load A2P applications allowing clients to scale to 50,000 SMS/s

  • Future Proof
    Flexible service logic and open interfaces enables rapid delivery of new ‘service differentiating’ value added services

  • Cost Effective
    Low cost entry price with flexible license model to match budget expectations, scale of deployment and future growth

Key Features

  • Gateway Screening
    Detailed record of all SMS processed
    Enables Billing and Lawful Intercept

  • USSD Gateway
    Integrated USSD Gateway providing
    comprehensive short code support

  • High Availability
    No single point of failure
    Clustered database technology

  • OA&M
    Configuration, Monitoring
    and Debugging

  • COTS Commercial Off The Shelf
    Supplied on standard Dell servers optionally with dedicated E1/T1/STM-1 support.

  • Virtual Deployment
    Virtual Machine deployed on industry standard servers in a data centre environment using a hypervisor, i.e. VMware.

  • Cloud Deployment
    Delivered as a Virtual Network Function (VNF) in AWS or OpenStack cloud infrastructure.

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