With low cost, reliable, high bandwidth IP networks available for distribution of signalling, the SS7 Signalling Gateway provides the means to bridge the SS7 network from the traditional PSTN and Mobile TDM interconnects to IP.

Bridge Traditional SS7 to IP Networks

The SVI-SG SS7 Signalling Gateway provides a seamless method of transporting SS7 signalling over SIGTRAN. This carrier grade product is deployed in hundreds of networks around the world providing a scalable, robust solution for operators.

The signalling gateway can be deployed as a single box supporting 2 x SS7 signalling links to a full dual redundant pair supporting 1024 x signalling links.

  • Comprehensive SS7 to SIGTRAN backhaul gateway

  • Highly scalable

  • Low Speed and High Speed Link support

  • Dual Redundant options available as standard

  • Fully featured OA&M interface

  • Network Management over SNMP

The SVI-SG Signalling Gateway is shipped in a 1U PCI Chassis supporting E1 / T1 / STM-1 interfaces

Key Features

  • Protocol Support
    ETSI/ANSI/ITU + 40 country variants

  • Scalability
    Up to 1024 x low speed signalling links
    Up to 16 x high-speed-links

  • Redundancy
    1+1 Redundancy

  • OA&M
    Configuration, Monitoring
    and Debugging

Comprehensive Web Based GUI

Our comprehensive web based GUI provides full Operation, Administration and Maintenance including detailed debug and trace, logging, alarms, wizard based configuration, remote access and multi layer user administration.

  • Secure Remote Access & Multi user/permissions

  • Detailed Configuration, Debug & Trace

  • PCAP support enables Wireshark decode

  • Customisable triggers & alerts, and SNMP/Email support

  • Extensive onboard CDRs/TDRs and configurable log files

  • Full backup, restore and log file archiving

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