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ss7tovoipandimsSS7 to VoIP + IMS

Choose from our range of carrier grade Media Gateways and Controllers to deliver SS7 to VoIP and IMS based LTE and VoLTE networks.

SS7 to VoIP + IMS

Bridging the gap between traditional SS7 TDM networks and Next Generation VoIP Networks and IMS based LTE + VoLTE networks are the scalable SS7 Media Gateways, the innovative software-only Media Gateway Controller and Media Gateway Controller Function. 

SS7 Signalling Media Gateway

SS7 Media Gateway

The SVI_MG SS7 Media Gateway enables Next Generation VoIP and VoLTE / IMS networks to seamlessly interconnect to legacy PSTN and mobile 2G and 3G networks. 

SS7 Signalling Media Gateway Controller

SS7 Media Gateway Controller

The SVI_MGC SS7 Media Gateway Controller enables SS7 on leading VoIP Media Gateways using industry based standards – MGCP, MEGACO H.248, SIGTRAN, SIP, SIP-I, SIP-T and H.323.

Media Gateway Controller Function

Media Gateway Controller Function

The SVI_MGCF Media Gateway Controller Function provides a gateway between traditional Circuit Switched SS7 networks and next generation IMS networks such as LTE/ VoLTE.

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