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mgcf header imageSS7 Media Gateway Controller Function

“The SVI_MGCF Media Gateway Controller Function provides a gateway between traditional Circuit Switched SS7 networks and next generation IMS networks such as LTE/ VoLTE.”

Boxed Product

Media Gateway Controller Hardware Solution

Squire Technologies ships the SVI_MGC Media Gateway Controller Function to you preconfigured and installed on a Squire Technologies 1U Server.

Remote Software Install

Media Gateway Controller Software Solution

Media Gateway Controller Function software is installed remotely onto server supplied by client. Our engineers expertly test and configure the system via IP.

SS7 Media Gateway Controller Function Solutions

Squire Technologies has deployed SS7 to VoIP products worldwide and assisted many clients to achieve VoIP interconnect, providing remote or on-site installation and commissioning of products quickly and cost effectively. Coupled with Squire Technologies post sales support and product enhancement services, allows Squire Technologies to deliver SS7 based signalling products.