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Solutions for Systems IntegratorsSolutions for Systems Integrators

Satisfy every customer requirement with our portfolio of adaptable, optimised signalling solutions

Solutions for Systems Integrators

Satisfy a diverse and challenging set of requirements

Systems Integrators must be able to deliver solutions to cater for every requirement and situation. They must ensure that the solutions they offer meet the specific needs of their customers while leveraging as many common elements as possible.

Systems Integrators need a portfolio of complementary solutions that enable them to satisfy a diverse and challenging set of customer requirements, in many different network environments and across multiple countries and regions. They must be able to adapt solutions to meet local requirements and extend their portfolio to deliver optimised solutions.

“It was a pleasure working with Squire and we are hoping to have more business in the near future.”
George Tagayanaki
Alcatel Lucent, Chiba, Japan

Partnering with leading Integrators

Squire Technologies partners with Systems Integrators and helps them to deliver customised solutions with a range of flexible, scalable products that includes:

  • Signalling Gateway Solutions
  • Signalling Conversion Solutions
  • Session Control Solutions
  • Messaging Solutions

Customised functionality

We can provide customised functionality, quickly and cost effectively, helping solve interconnect and integration challenges. All of our solutions can be extended through the additional optional modules and functionality, which means Systems Integrators can trust Squire Technologies to deliver enhanced functionality to meet unique demands.

Backed by the expertise to deliver

Squire Technologies’ product portfolio is backed by the expertise to deliver agile, flexible solutions to unique challenges. Our support for complex technologies such as SS7, SIP, VoIP, SIGTRAN and more means that difficult problems can be solved quickly – helping Systems Integrators deliver optimised solutions that solve customer problems.

Find out how Squire Technologies can help with secure, reliable interconnectivity and networking.

“We came to Squire with specific requirements for a product, and have been delighted with the knowledge and expertise.”
John Kemp
Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Soleo