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White VoLTESolutions for VoLTE

Voice over LTE (VoLTE) enables 4G LTE operators to offer rich voice, video & messaging services as a core offering. Our products and services enable a smooth transition to a VoLTE based network and rapid delivery of VoLTE services.


The deployment of Squire Technologies products and utilisation of our specialist signalling services will deliver the following immediate benefits in a VoLTE network :- 

TICK Optimal use of radio bandwidth delivering substantial cost savings
TICK Voice quality assurance
TICK Rapid support for multi vendor VoLTE handsets 
TICK Enable multi device, single number services
TICK Enable Rich Communication Services RCS(e) to SMS inter-op 
TICK Enable seamless 4G to traditional VoIP / 2G / 3G / PSTN interconnect 
TICK Ongoing support for rollout of new and innovative VoLTE services 
VoLTE Diagram


At the signalling core of a VoLTE network is our SVI-SBC Session Border Controller product. The SVI-SBC is able to act as both a proxy and a B2BUA allowing it to dynamically manage signalling and media traffic that needs translating in the core of the network whilst proxying the remaining traffic. With half a decade of international carrier grade deployment the SVI-SBC can guarantee optimised signalling interconnect in a VoLTE network delivering :- 
TICK Support for VoLTE Pre-Conditions
TICK Manage end-to-end bandwidth with support for VoLTE pre-conditions
TICK Insure Voice Quality
TICK Rapidly deploy new VoLTE handsets and manage interconnect issues from handset OS upgrades
TICK Support for multi device, single number services
TICK Manage multiple subscriber registration for softphone app’s across multiple devices – tablets, laptops, mobiles
TICK Manage subscriber forking on calls across multiple devices on multiple networks
TICK Retain a single number per subscriber
TICK Support for signalling and media inter-op with traditional VoIP devices and App enabled softphones
TICK SIP signalling inter-op and media transcoding between AMR, AMR-WB, Opus and G711, G729 and G723 *for full list of codec support please see here*

IP Short Message Gateway

Providing seamless integration between RCS(e) based instant messaging in the IMS core and SMS on traditional 2G/3G network is the Squire Technologies IP-SM-Gateway. With a decade of SMSC and SMS Gateway deployments in 2G/3G networks and with full support for the SIP MESSAGE standard for SMS transmission the Squire IP-SM-Gateway provides a seamless messaging inter-op solution in a VoLTE network.

VoLTE Media Gateways

Squire Technologies carrier grade Media Gateways (SVI_MG) and Media Gateway Control Function (SVI_MGCF) provide a seamless breakout to the PSTN. Coupled with Squire Technologies specialist installation and commissioning services insures a comprehensive delivery of the VoLTE Breakout Gateway Control Function (BGCF).